Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Missing Fast Four

My name is Michael Buxallen and I am a club member. In the November / December 2016 Chrysler Collector news letter there was a wanted add looking for a fast 4 dodge tourer seen with a hand drawn picture on the windscreen, this was my car so I contacted the man who placed the add who lives in Sydney.

He flew to Adelaide and came to visit me and check out my dodge which he believed to be their family car for many years. Unfortunately this turned out be not the case but is unreal just how small the city in which we live really is.

I am involved in motor racing (speedway) and a group of friends of mine and myself were involved in developing a new class of race cars using a Mitsubishi v6 engine and at the time we were getting engines direct from Mitsubishi and as a coincidence the contact that we dealt with in the Mitsubishi factory was the man who owned the car that I am trying to locate. We were working out of a shed in Darlington that was owned by Stan Wallace and one night when we got there there was an addition to the vehicles in the shed which was a 1928 dodge fast four tourer which was for sale and it was in quite useable condition.

A distinguishing feature of the car was the side curtains which were glass an actually opened. The car was sold in 2000 and it is believed that it moved to Clare, the reason that we are trying to locate the care is that the original owner of the car has sales receipts owners manuals and many other documents belonging to the car that he would like to reunite with the car.

The car is a 1928 dodge fast four tourer with 4 wheel brakes navy blue with glass side curtains if you know of this car I have the contact details for the original owners. My phone number is 0421427747 my e-mail is any help would be appreciated.

The car pictured is my car but it is the same as the car for which we are looking.