Welcome to the official web page of the Dodge Brothers Club of Australasia (Inc)

The Dodge Brothers Club of Australasia (Inc.) © was founded in February 2007 in Victoria Australia, as a result of meeting of members of 2006 National Dodge 4 run in Western Australia. The aim of the club is to encourage the restoration, preservation and use of all Dodge and Graham Brothers vehicles built from 1914 to 1938, when the “Dodge Brothers ” finally disappeared from the car marque and became “Dodge” as part of the Chrysler group of vehicles.

The Dodge Brothers Club is holding it’s next National Rally in Busselton, WA in 2020 and updated entry forms are now available.

  • We make available to all members a REGISTER of Members and their vehicles.
  • A newsletter is produced four times a year
  • Our aim to help members to source information and parts, to assist members in the preservation and restoration of their vehicles.
  • Membership to the Club is open to ALL persons with a Dodge or Graham Brothers interest.
  • Owning a vehicle is not a prerequisite of membership.

If you are interested in joining, download a copy of the DBCA Membership Application complete and return to the Registrar.